Thank you to all who participated in Phase 3 of the Stadium Neighbourhood public consultation, held between October 1-23, 2018. 

You can view the Phase 3 Consultation Summary Report here and consultation materials here, as well as the technical reports that are informing the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.

For a January 2019 update on the Stadium Neighbourhood Plan process, please read this letter from Michael Korenberg, Chair of UBC’s Board of Governors.

You can also read a letter about how UBC will take time to fully address the interests and concerns heard through the Stadium Neighbourhood Plan process.

The Stadium Neighbourhood Plan area and adjacencies

The Stadium Neighbourhood Plan area and adjacencies


We recently concluded the third phase of a four-phase planning process for Stadium Neighbourhood. This phase ran from October 1-23, 2018 and focused on the development of two options for the neighbourhood.

Campus and Community Planning hosted a number of public events, and also presented and discussed the Plan Options with the UBC community at various meeting. We also continued to work closely with advisory committees.

Please visit our Engage section to read more about what we heard in Phase 3.

Based on the analysis and feedback to date, three key areas will be explored further before the Plan is finalized:

  1. Explore additional opportunities for UBC community housing, beyond the proposed 40% rental and faculty/staff housing;

  2. Explore community service levels, including school space, retail (including grocery stores), and child care; and

  3. Further engagement with Musqueam.

The UBC Board of Governors was provided a status update on the Plan in December through the recently reconvened Board of Governors Housing Action Plan Working Group. The Plan will then be finalized and presented to the Board for approval in 2019. This will be followed by the statutory Public Hearing and subsequent referral to the province for the necessary Land Use Plan amendments.


Phase 3 of public consultation is now closed but you can still view our consultation materials or sign up for our mailing list below.

Online Materials: Please view our online consultation materials here.


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