How can we plan for a great community at Stadium Road? We are looking to understand what activities and spaces can support and foster an active community life and we want your help. We want to hear from you about:

  • How we can plan for a livable and inclusive community.
  • How to plan for an innovative community, including leveraging UBC’s research community and facilities, to create a unique place that supports intellectual and neighbourhood life.
  • How to plan a neighbourhood that benefits from, and contributes to, its natural environment

We see a number of important opportunities on this site:

  • Increasing non-market housing options (above the Housing Action Plan commitments) for faculty, staff, and students
  • Moving towards carbon neutrality for new development
  • Using a new stadium as a catalyst for community well-being
  • Integrating the neighbourhood with the UBC Botanical Garden through public space, landscape, and rainwater management design
  • Using food and the food cycle (including a role for UBC Farm) as an opportunity to support social gathering, health, and sustainability

Do you have other ideas? Please attend our Ideas Workshop on April 7th. RSVP here by April 5.