When planning for change, it is also important to value what exists. We heard clearly that Stadium Neighbourhood should be shaped by the culture of the UBC community and our responsibility to protect and enhance the natural ecology that surrounds us. We also see an opportunity to plan public and open spaces that support active community life and sustain our environment and our mutual health and wellbeing.

We know that:

  • A changing climate is expected to bring heavier rains and longer droughts
  • We need to manage rainwater to reduce environmental impacts
  • A well-designed public realm can engage people with each other and with the natural setting
  • Planning and design decisions should take a long-term perspective considering a full range of costs and benefits

Key Directions

In Stadium Neighbourhood, we will aim to:

  • Demonstrate leadership in environmental performance in buildings and infrastructure
  • Plan and design open spaces with integrated water, energy, servicing and landscape best practices
  • Incorporate rainwater collection and detention throughout the landscape
  • Take a whole systems approach that considers how all components of natural and built infrastructure work together
  • Support a zero carbon campus
  • Provide usable open space for social interactions, recreation and urban agriculture
  • Create new connections with and make space for existing natural and research assets such as the UBC Farm and the UBC Botanical Garden


Considering Stadium Neighbourhood as part of an interconnected South Campus.


A whole systems approach considers how all components of natural and built infrastructure work together.