We heard clearly in the first phase of consultation that housing affordability is a key challenge and housing options for the UBC community of faculty, staff and students is a priority. We also heard that quality is important and that new housing must be highly livable and sustainable and supportive of a strong and inclusive community.

We know that:

  • Affordability is a major barrier to faculty, staff, and student recruitment and retention
  • Land is scarce and construction costs throughout the region are high
  • Stadium Neighbourhood is a small site and there are limits to what can be done
  • Simple and efficient design (and woodframe construction) is cheaper and more sustainable
  • There is support for access over ownership, including rental housing and shared amenities

Key Directions

In Stadium Neighbourhood, we will aim to:

  • Prioritize well-designed and cost-effective midrise buildings for faculty/staff and rental housing
  • Leverage higher-value leasehold property to finance site development and improve affordability
  • Exceed Housing Action Plan targets for rental housing
  • Consider shared amenities at the building and neighbourhood scale
  • Reduce life-cycle costs through sustainable design practices

1a_efficient building envelop-graphic.PNG
1b_efficient building envelop-photo.jpg

Simple, efficient building forms and wood construction (for up to six storey buildings).

2a_efficient urban patterns-graphic_web-01.png
2b_efficient urban patterns-photo-opt1.PNG

Smart use of land (i.e., smaller front setbacks in exchange for more courtyard space).

3a_shared amenities-graphic-opt1-01.png

Strategic allocation of amenity space between the unit, building and the block


Housing Action Plan

UBC’s Housing Action Plan commits that up to 30% of the Stadium Neighbourhood housing will be rental, 2/3 of which is below-market faculty/staff rental. The Neighbourhood Plan process is exploring increasing that target to 40%, delivering more units of faculty and staff rental, and other rental housing for the entire UBC community, including students.