We heard that better transportation options, especially public transit, is needed in the South Campus area and that we need to plan for mobility trends and investments that may reshape how we travel in the future. We also understand the need to manage traffic and parking impacts and to improve walk and bike connections between community and campus destinations.

We know that:

  • Current public transit service in the South Campus area is at capacity or too infrequent
  • There are gaps in the campus cycling network including this area
  • Major roads, including East Mall and West 16th Avenue, are a barrier to walking and cycling
  • East Mall is oversized for its current use and can be redesigned to be a safe street for all modes
  • The new stadium and neighbourhood will require parking and facilities for pick-up/drop-off and servicing


Key Directions

In Stadium Neighbourhood, we will aim to:

  • Design a local street network that works for all ages and abilities
  • Create safe and inviting environments and connections for walking and cycling
  • Explore, and build the case for, local transit improvements, including potential future rapid transit
  • Manage parking through shared resources and fair pricing
  • Consider the impacts of future mobility trends and investments


Major roads are a barrier to walking and cycling.


Encouraging sustainable transportation options is key to managing travel demands.


What is the impact of future mobility trends including rideshare and autonomous vehicles?