Beyond housing and the stadium, there is an opportunity for a limited amount of local-serving commercial, community amenity and potentially, some academic space. These spaces are not only convenient for daily life but are also ‘third places’ where neighbours meet outside of home and work. Where are shops and services located and how do they connect to and support public space, we want to hear from you about your ideas of where, and what, the neighbourhood centre can be?

Different ideas for the neighbourhood centre include…

A. A stadium-centred high street?

  1. Commercial high street anchored by stadium
  2. Plaza along East Mall is an active place, especially on game days
  3. Main Mall centred on large green space and/or park

B. Neighbourhood main street?

  1. Commercial frontages along Stadium Road and central plaza
  2. Stadium Road shifted south to allow two-sided frontages
  3. Plaza on Main Mall is centre of community and athletic activity

C. A large urban room?

  1. Plaza on Main Mall is centre of community and commercial activity
  2. Limited amount of commercial along one-sided Stadium Road
  3. Stadium is at the centre of Main Mall and community plaza