An important north-south connection, East Mall is wide – wider than it needs to comfortably handle traffic volumes today and tomorrow. A future East Mall can be redesigned to be a better, and safer, bike and walk connection as well as a front door for new academic and mixed-use buildings.


A major centre of UBC recreation and athletic programs now and in the future, there may be an opportunity to repurpose land on its edges for student housing, public spaces, and academic uses, especially with new land from roadway redesigns.


This site is currently leased until 2088 for forestry-related research and development projects. Once the lease is complete, what are the best ways to have this site bridge Hawthorn and Stadium neighbourhoods? 


An important east-west connection, West 16th Avenue is oversized and a barrier for walking and bicycling and could be redesigned to improve how it supports surrounding neighbourhoods – subject to coordination with the Provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.


UBC, in partnership with the TransLink and the City of Vancouver, is exploring the potential for an extension of rapid transit to the campus with the possibility of one or two stations. A future rapid transit connection, and future mobility trends such as mobility as a service (including ridesharing) and self-driving vehicles, will expand travel options and impact future transportation planning.