Neighbourhood planning at UBC is guided by the following set of principles, which were adopted by the UBC Board of Governors in December 2017. These principles reflect what we heard in Phase 1 of the consultation process and are part of the Terms of Reference for the Stadium Neighbourhood.


Be responsible stewards of the land and ensure the long-term social, economic and environmental sustainability of the university.


Plan and design for affordability and access, aligned with the Housing Action Plan directions and implementation.


Help build a thriving campus community that supports local needs first, enhances well-being, and attracts and retains university talent.


Respect and contribute to the livability and desirability of established and new neighbourhoods.


Allow the surrounding natural and cultural features of the campus to shape new development.


Embrace whole systems thinking and move towards resource self-sufficiency.


Manage increased demands on the transportation network, prioritizing walking, cycling and transit, reducing reliance on the car.


Balance the needs of today with adaptability for the future.


Achieve a high level of community participation in this process, consistent with Campus + Community Planning's Engagement Principles.