A variety of public spaces are possible for Stadium Neighbourhood and illustrated in the Scenarios in different ways.

Types of open spaces under consideration include…


A. Central plaza

A central plaza is considered an important element next to the stadium so that pre and post-game events can be held. It is intended to be part of the everyday life of the neighbourhood.


B. Active streetscape

A streetscape with restaurants and engaging shops becomes a part of the public space and contributes to a sense of safety at all times of the day and night.


C. Green open space

Landscaped open space with some lawn for sunning and informal play is part of the intended open space mix both for the neighbourhood and within residential courtyards.


D. Natural parkland

Areas of forest and naturalized wetlands and meadows are part of the scenarios.


E. Children’s play

Children’s play is an important part of a family-friendly community.


F. Green roofs

Opportunities for accessible and usable green space on roofs and in courtyards are also under consideration to add more open space opportunities and contribute to stormwater management.


G. Community Gardens

Shared gardens, both as part of public space and on building roof decks, will be explored.