How might Stadium Neighbourhood accommodate new housing and a stadium?

We developed three scenarios that identify and illustrate different planning approaches. The complete scenarios show different relationships of the key components: housing, a new stadium, commercial and community uses, and public open spaces. The scenarios are intended to be flexible and different ideas can be mixed and matched.

At this stage of the planning process, the goal is not to choose a preferred scenario but to get feedback on the different ideas and approaches. Based on your feedback and our analysis, we will develop detailed plan options for consultation in the Fall.

Scenario 1

  1. Stadium building on East Mall as part of an urban street
  2. Main Mall opens into a major community green space next to the stadium field
  3. A major east-west pedestrian connection links Thunderbird Fields to the UBC Botanical Garden
  4. Density focused around Stadium Road

Scenario 2

  1. Stadium building on Main Mall as part of central plaza with the field staying generally in its current place (refer to Big Moves: Neighbourhood Centre)
  2. East Mall as an urban street where density is focused (refer to Big Moves: Housing)
  3. Stadium Road relocated to the south as the key east-west connection between Thunderbird Field and the stadium

Scenario 3

  1. Stadium field fronting East Mall as part of an athletic-oriented street 
  2. Main Mall opens into a major community plaza next to the stadium building
  3. Stadium bordered by forest
  4. Density focused around Stadium Road and Main Mall



How, and where, will the future residents of Stadium Neighbourhood live – and how do future UBC neighbourhoods connect to the established neighbourhoods?

Neighbourhood Centre

Where is the heart of the future neighbourhood? Where do people gather, shop, connect and participate in community life?


Home to UBC Thunderbirds Athletics and Recreation programs and other sporting and student-focused events, a new Stadium will play an important role in the future neighbourhood:

  • A centre of athletic activity and celebration
  • An opportunity to co-locate athletic, amenity, retail and other uses
  • A wellbeing ‘heart’ for the campus and community

Built Form

What is the role of tall buildings in the Stadium Neighbourhood?

Public Space

A diverse network of public spaces and community places are an important quality of the UBC campus and neighbourhood experience.


How can Stadium Neighbourhood be a catalyst for a more complete South Campus?

Nearby sites are not part of the Stadium Neighbourhood Plan, but opportunities of tomorrow can inform planning decisions of today. Thinking beyond Stadium Neighbourhood, there are several long-term opportunities to consider, and consult on, in the next Land Use Plan update (2020).