Stadium Neighbourhood is a chance to build on the success of the past, shape an inspiring new future, and contribute to UBC’s excellence in research, learning and engagement. It is UBC’s next neighbourhood and we want you to be a part of it.


Schedule A – Land Use Plan

Stadium is one of eight neighbourhoods identified in the UBC Land Use Plan. At UBC, we develop campus neighbourhoods in order to create vibrant, sustainable and complete communities; to provide a place for the UBC community to live, work, learn and play; and to build a financial endowment to support UBC’s academic mission.

Guiding Principles

Neighbourhood planning at UBC is guided by the following set of principles, which were adopted by the UBC Board of Governors in December 2017. These principles reflect what we heard in Phase 1 of the consultation process and are part of the Terms of Reference for the Stadium Neighbourhood.


We are into the second phase of the Stadium Neighbourhood planning process and we need your input and insights.


This 18-month planning process will:

  • Provide opportunities to share your ideas and help shape this process from Fall 2017 until Spring 2019
  • Develop scenarios and options that will be used as tools identifying opportunities and soliciting input
  • Create a detailed plan that sets direction for housing types, amenities, academic and recreational uses, open spaces, transportation connections and more
  • Determine the location of a new Thunderbird Stadium

Phase 1 Public Consultation Overview:

What We Asked

When we reached out to the community in Fall 2017, we asked about the experience of living, working, and studying on campus today and what is needed in the future. We also asked for your input on the guiding principles, issues, and opportunities for the future neighbourhood.

What We Heard

Based on what we heard, we revised the guiding principles. We also identified some big challenges to be addressed through the planning process, including:

  1. Housing affordability
  2. Protecting our natural environment
  3. Improving transit and mobility
  4. Providing local serving amenities
  5. Building a community for and of UBC

To learn more, take a look at our Phase 1 Consultation Summary.

Where We Are Now

Building on what we heard, we have developed planning scenarios to identify and illustrate different ideas of how Stadium Neighbourhood could be designed. These scenarios, and the big moves they contain, are presented here for your review and input. We will use your feedback to inform the development of detailed plan options.

Who We Heard From

We have many stakeholders in neighbourhood planning at UBC. For Stadium Neighbourhood, we have a Planning Advisory Committee with neighbourhood resident, student, faculty, and staff representatives. We held open houses to engage student, faculty, and neighbourhood residents. We engaged representatives from the UBC Botanical Garden, University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA), UBC Athletics, and the Musqueam First Nation.