Share Your Ideas and Insights

In this phase, we are seeking your input on ideas and scenarios for planning the future neighbourhood. We want to know how our ideas match your vision for the future neighbourhood. Your experience and insight can help us understand what can work, what is missing and where we should strive to do better.

Engagement Principles

All of our consultation processes are guided by our Engagement Principles. These principles define how we engage the public and campus community in an open conversation about the design, implementation and conclusion of public engagement.

How You Can Participate

Join us at an open house, take part in our Public Talk or Workshop, or share your insights through an online survey. See below for more details. 


Online Survey will be available on October 1-21, 2018. Please check back for more details.


What Else Are We Doing?

The final Stadium Neighbourhood plan will have detailed direction on future land uses, building forms, design strategies, and servicing requirements. To ensure the plan has considered trade-offs, impacts, and best practices, we are also working on:

  1. Transportation and Mobility Strategy

  2. Whole Systems Infrastructure Plan

  3. Environmental Assessment (Terrestrial and Wildlife)

  4. Housing Affordability and Typology Study

  5. Retail Assessment

Next Steps

Over the summer, we will be taking the consultation feedback and results of technical studies and analysis to develop more specific Neighbourhood Plan options, which we will present for more public feedback in the fall.