Thank you to all who participated in Phase 3 of the Stadium Neighbourhood public consultation. Check back to read the detailed Consultation Summary Report soon. 

The third phase of public consultation for the Stadium Neighbourhood Plan was held between October 1-23. If interested, you can still view our online consultation materials here.

We are also sharing a recent letter from Michael Korenberg, Chair of UBC’s Board of Governors, about how UBC will take time to fully address the interests and concerns heard through the Stadium Neighbourhood Plan process.

 The Stadium Neighbourhood Plan area and adjacencies

The Stadium Neighbourhood Plan area and adjacencies


Phase 3 of the Stadium Neighbourhood planning process was conducted between October 1-23, 2018.

This phase focused on two Options for the neighbourhood that have evolved since Phase 2, through public feedback (read Phase 2 Consultation Summary Report), stakeholder discussions, technical analysis, and design development.

The Options illustrate different approaches to the layout and design of the neighbourhood, including location, type and amount of housing and other uses, building heights, location of the stadium, character and types of open space and amenities, and connections to other neighbourhoods and the broader campus.

As is the case with all robust community planning programs, there is a broad range of interests and concerns with regard to planning a new neighbourhood, whether that be the amount or height of housing development, the amount and type of green space, transport and parking, the stadium location, etc. The Plan Options use the nine Guiding Principles for neighbourhood planning as a foundation and illustrate a range of strategies and opportunities to address these interests and concerns.


Phase 3 of public consultation is now closed but you can still view our consultation materials or sign up for our mailing list below.

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