Space for commercial and community amenities foster a more complete community, where basic services are within walking distance.


What We Heard

  • High demand for shared amenities that support affordable living and minimize the need for a car.

  • Support for local-scale commercial uses, community amenities and public spaces that foster social connection and celebrate local features, events, and destinations.

  • A high value placed on natural systems and open space, including aspirations for innovative sustainable development, compatibility with the Botanical Garden, and protection of campus open spaces.

How the Options Respond

  • Both options include up to 120,000 sq ft of shared amenities and facilities that would support the needs of both new and existing residents.

  • Amenities and services are geared toward serving the needs of local community, and shared spaces to foster social connection.

  • Natural and open spaces are organized to augment and support indoor amenity spaces, contribute to the ecological health of the neighbourhood, and provide a diversity of outdoor programming opportunities.

Key Commonalities



Creating a vibrant and resilient community requires building in capacity and flexibility for meeting the community’s emerging and future needs. Operations and management models for community amenities and facilities will involve both UBC Athletics and the UNA and will be developed as part of future planning.