Based on recent discussion at the September 2018 Board of Governors meeting, staff are exploring additional affordable housing capacity for faculty, staff and students along both sides of East Mall.

Staff have been asked to explore up to 300,000 sq ft of additional housing capacity for the University community within the neighbourhood area, over the 600,000 sq ft currently proposed in the Plan Options. UBC’s Housing Action Plan Task Force has also been asked to explore enhanced faculty home ownership options. 

Through its Housing Action Plan (HAP), UBC commits to providing housing on campus for faculty, staff and students. The current Stadium Neighbourhood Plan Options provide 40% of the residential area as rental housing, exceeding the HAP target of 30%. The majority of this rental would be for faculty and staff. 

The exploration of up to 300,000 sq ft of additional  rental housing is focused on the East Mall edge of the neighbourhood (see map at bottom left). Subject to feasibility, urban design and livability considerations, this would increase the total housing program to 1.8 million sq ft (from 1.5 million sq ft as currently shown in the Plan Options), increasing rental housing to 50% of the total residential area, and expanding the Neighbourhood Plan boundary across East Mall. Options for faculty home ownership will also be explored within various building types proposed across the neighbourhood.


Providing housing sites along East Mall, within land identified as Green Academic, will require a Land Use Plan Amendment. These amendments would be in addition to proposed changes to the current stadium boundary and increased heights and densities.