Different ideas about how to locate and arrange housing can create a variety of different neighbourhood characters – and relationships to adjacent neighbourhoods, natural features, and amenities. From dense and urban, marked with tall buildings benefiting from expansive views, to low and midrise set among green space, we want to hear from you about your ideas of what the future of living at Stadium Neighbourhood could include.

All three scenarios are illustrated with the same basic mix of building types and heights.

Different ideas for housing include…

A. A garden neighbourhood?


    Scenario 1

    1. Cluster of midrise in current stadium location
    2. Midrise arranged around east-west plaza and pedestrian space
    3. Taller buildings arranged around Stadium Road

    Scenario 3

    1. Mix of tall and mid-rise in current stadium location 
    2. Higher density in centre, along Main Mall
    3. Mixed use tower anchors new stadium

    B. An urban neighbourhood?


      Scenario 2

      1. Taller buildings clustered near East Mall and Thunderbird Park
      2. Strong connection to Wesbrook Place
      3. Housing arranged in flexible courtyard block pattern