Stadium Neighbourhood will add significant housing supply to the campus, including housing for faculty and staff.


What We Heard

  • Housing affordability is a key challenge throughout the region with significant impacts to the UBC community including the ability to attract and retain faculty, students and staff.

  • The livability and quality of new housing is important and must support a range of household types and a strong and inclusive community.

  • The impact of tall buildings on the character and quality of the neighbourhood is a concern and needs to be carefully considered.

How the Options Respond

  • The Plan Options propose that 40% of the residential development program be dedicated faculty, staff and rental housing (a doubling of the original target). Recently the Board of Governors instructed staff to explore even more affordable housing sites in the neighbourhood.

  • To meet livability goals, buildings would be designed with a range of unit types to support different household sizes including families with children, and those wanting to age in place.

  • Midrise buildings are located near the Botanical Garden to minimize view and shadow impacts, while taller buildings are located near East Mall, where rapid transit may potentially serve South Campus.

Key Commonalities



Currently, up to 30% of new housing built at UBC is to be rental and up to 20% of this to be below-market faculty-staff rental. The Plan Options proposes increasing the rental target to 40%, delivering more faculty-staff rental and other rental housing units for the entire UBC community, including students.