Planning Stadium Neighbourhood is a collaborative process intended to deliver a great community of and for UBC.


Guiding Principles

Neighbourhood planning at UBC is guided by the following principles, which were adopted by the UBC Board of Governors in December 2017. These principles reflect what we heard in Phase 1 of the consultation. See the handout for more details on each of the principles.

  1. Build long-term value

  2. Prioritize affordable living

  3. Create a community for and of UBC

  4. Be a great neighbour

  5. Use the site to shape the place

  6. Enhance the ecology and reduce our carbon footprint

  7. Promote a high efficiency and low impact transportation network

  8. Design for flexibility and resilience

  9. Engage the campus community and stakeholders in a meaningful way



The proposed Plan Options for the Stadium Neighbourhood Plan will trigger changes to the Land Use Plan. These include updating the neighbourhood boundary (to reflect the new location of the stadium) and changing building heights and densities. A Land Use Plan amendment requires a public hearing (in early 2019) and Provincial approval.