Approved by the Board of Governors in December 2017, the Planning Parameters form an important foundation for shaping the Plan Options.


The information below lists what the Parameters are and describes how the Plan Options address them:

  1. A Rebuilt Thunderbird Stadium: The Plan Options propose a new stadium along East Mall to meet
    the needs of UBC Athletics and Recreation and as a community amenity for the neighbourhood. The new stadium will occupy a smaller footprint, allowing the neighbourhood housing area to increase in size. See Stadium Location page for more info.

  2. Housing Development Capacities that Optimize Affordability and Variety: The new neighbourhood area created by a smaller stadium footprint combined with the goal of increasing housing for the UBC community allows for an increase of 500,000 sq ft of housing area from the 2011 Land Use Plan. This doubles the amount of rental housing from 300,000 sq ft to 600,000 sq ft and increases leasehold housing from 700,000 sq ft to 900,000 sq ft. See Housing page for more info.

  3. Commercial Development Capacity: The Plan Options provide approximately 120,000 sq ft of locally serving commercial uses and community services to support the neighbourhood and surrounding population. See Community Amenities page for more info.

  4. Building Types, Heights, and Densities: The Plan Options explore building heights ranging from 6 to 8 storeys built in woodframe construction (the most affordable construction type) for faculty-staff rental housing, up to taller towers, ranging in height from 20 to 36 storey towers. See Building Types and Height page for more info.

  5. Transportation Choices and Transit Opportunities: The Plan Options illustrate a range of opportunities to address mobility and access for all modes including improved transit choices via increased bus service or future rapid transit. See Street Connectivity and Access page for more info.

  6. Future Consideration of Adjacent Sites and Roads: The Options consider future scenarios for adjacent sites and roads, as they relate to the Neighbourhood. This includes how adjacent sites like Thunderbird Park could evolve to support more affordable housing. See More Housing for the UBC Community page for more information on recent Board of Governors discussion to explore additional affordable housing capacity for UBC faculty, staff and students.