Stadium Neighbourhood provides an opportunity to improve connections for walking, cycling and transit in South Campus.


What We Heard

  • Concern for future vehicle traffic impacts on existing neighbourhoods.

  • Strong desire for improved connectivity and multimodal (walk, bike, transit) mobility, to the larger campus and to the region, including a connection to rapid transit.

  • Better access to services and amenities within walking and biking distance.

  • Safer pedestrian connections between Hawthorn Place and Wesbrook Place.

How the Options Respond

  • More housing options for UBC faculty and staff within walking distance to the core academic campus.

  • Parking strategies for rental buildings that support lower car ownership and parking access prioritized for households with mobility challenges and young families.

  • Traffic calming along East Mall, including potential removal of the centre median to narrow the street.

  • Leverage the potential for a future rapid transit station along East Mall to serve South Campus.

Key Differences

Conceptual Street Profiles