Public spaces provide places where people gather, celebrate, relax and enjoy neighbourhood life. They must also work to support natural systems and enhance ecology.


What We Heard

  • A high value on natural systems and open space.

  • Support for incorporating nature into development.

  • Support for welcoming spaces with seating, weather protection and sunlight.

  • Support for spaces that facilitate healthy lifestyles and social interaction.

How the Options Respond

  • Continue Main Mall as an important greenway and public space.

  • Plan the Stadium field and its edges as part of the neighbourhood public space.

  • Prioritize opportunities to support biodiversity and ecological functions.

  • Plan a variety of spaces, from small and intimate to large and social.

Key Differences



Sustainable site design mimics natural systems, fostering ecology and biodiversity and improving the health and well-being of the community. In addition to the features described in the Plan Options above, the following strategies will be explored as part of the Final Plan.

  1. Integrated rainwater management including roof capture, green roofs, storage and release, and potential for detention well to supplement supply and avoid use of potable water.

  2. Possibility for the stadium roof to collect rainwater and channel to underground storage for cleaning the field and irrigating the landscape.

  3. Evaluation of district energy and passive house strategies to determine the most long-term cost-effective way to deliver a low-carbon neighbourhood.