In Option 1 the stadium is located to the south, resulting resulting in a large neighbourhood park and reforested area, with all development to the north.

Key Features of Option 1:

  1. Locating the stadium to the south creates a separate development area to the north and space for a new east-west pedestrian promenade between Thunderbird Park and Botanical Garden overlook.

  2. The large area to the north of the stadium has the majority of higher density housing. This option allows for either 5 lower towers (from 20 to 32 storeys), shown in the drawings above or 4 higher towers (from 22 to 36 storeys).

  3. 6 to 8 storey midrise buildings are located between Main Mall and Botanical Garden with parking accessed off Stadium Road (reduces road infrastructure). This option locates all development north of the stadium, reducing impacts from stadium events (lighting and noise) on new residences and provides views to nature from the stands.

  4. A significant new neighbourhood park and replanted forest is created with ecological features including natural habitat, native plantings, and rainwater management. It works in tandem with the stadium field to create a significant open-space feature along Main Mall.

  5. Underground parking access to the stadium is from West 16th Avenue, reducing vehicular traffic and noise impacts on the future neighbourhood.